Sharps Disposal

Personalized Programs for Responsible Sharps Disposal

Hundreds of thousands of accidental needle sticks and sharps injuries occur each year in the Unites States. Safe handling of medical sharps and needles is an important safety consideration for your facilities’ employees and community. Loose used needles thrown illegally into trash containers and bags expose waste management teams to potential injury and occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens.

This illegal disposal of used needles and syringes could potentially result in the transmission of serious blood borne illnesses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and viral hemorrhagic fevers. Sharps are defined as objects or devices that have been used in patient care, medical, research or industrial laboratories. Sharps can be glass, metal or plastic with rigid corners, sharp edges or protruding pieces that can slice, scrape or pierce the skin. Some of the primary examples of sharps include: acupuncture needles, blood vials, capillary tubes, culture dishes, dental wires, lancets, needles, pipettes, root canal files, scalpel blades, suture needles, syringes and trauma waste. When disposing sharps, it is vital to ensure that you are compliant with local, state, and federal laws. Medical waste disposal, needles, syringes and used medical sharps should be collected, stored and shipped in puncture proof, leak proof containers and bags that are color coded (red), labeled and tagged as medical waste. Waste Medic offers a wide variety sharps disposal containers in a range of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any organization. Sharps containers provide a safe, hands-free way to immediately dispose of used needles and other sharps. Waste Medic will transport your filled containers for safe and secure disposal with one of our programs:

For Small Quantity Generators (SQG)

Don’t get roped into an expensive, unnecessary sharps mail-back program. At Waste Medic, we own our fleet, and that allows us to pick-up and dispose of your sharps in a compliant, cost effective manner. Are you paying for a costly sharps mail-back program? Contact us today.

For Large Quantity Generators (LQG)

Waste Medic will provide your facility with skilled, professional technicians who will monitor your facility’s sharps containers. They will be responsible for identifying full containers, and replacing them with empty containers. Our reusable sharps container system eliminates risk of container-related sharps injury and minimizes the impact on the environment. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

Specialized healthcare services

Medical Waste

Waste Medic provides reliable and cost-effective solutions nation-wide for a variety of medical waste needs… with no long-term contracts. Contact us today for quote.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

The experts at Waste Medic will analyze your current waste stream in order to guarantee it is segregated and disposed of in a compliant, efficient, and cost effective manner.

OSHA Training

With our training, Waste Medic ensures that our clients and their staff are all on the same page when it comes to the safety of their work environment including HIPPA and bloodborne pathogens.

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