OSHA Training

Custom Compliance Plans & Training

If your practice were audited tomorrow, would you pass? The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 exists to help ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. Healthcare facilities that deal with biohazardous medical waste are required to meet certain OSHA compliance standards.
Waste Medic provides OSHA Compliance Training to our clients and their employees, as well as manuals, checklists and posters. With our training, Waste Medic ensures that our clients and their staff are all on the same page when it comes to the safety of their work environment including HIPAA and bloodborne pathogen training.

Waste Stream Managenent

Biohazardous Waste

There are stringent regulations governing the collection and disposal of medical waste. Waste Medic has the expertise to help protect you from risk with comprehensive services for transportation and disposal, with no hidden costs and exceptional customer service.

Sharps Waste

We understands that safety, simplicity and reliability are crucial to your organization when it comes to sharps disposal. Waste Medic is committed to delivering safe and responsible waste management for your facility through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

Pharmaceutical Waste

For most facilities, making sure your pharmaceutical waste is correctly segregated can be a nightmare. The experts at Waste Medic will work with your healthcare organization to establish a comprehensive management program that guarantees efficient compliance.

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The amount of medical waste generated varies from organization to organization, but a regular plan for waste disposal is critical. Waste Medic can help. Our expertise and reliable response to your consistent and emergency needs will ensure the safety of your staff, patients, the public, and the environment, while allowing you to focus on maintaining business operations.
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