Waste Medic provides compliant transportation, treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste (RMW) in accordance with all laws and regulations at competitive and fair pricing.

We rely on our specialists to evaluate your current service and identify measures to control your medical waste disposal cost. Our success is built upon strong relationships with our clients. Simply stated… our clients are our number one priority. Waste Medic’s commitment to customer service, compliance and safety leaves our clients protected and confident. Waste Medic owns and operates their own fleet, ensuring that your medical waste disposal needs are always met on-time and within budget.

It is imperative that all medical waste materials are segregated at the point of generation, appropriately treated and properly disposed of. Our industry experts work with you to create safe, responsible and customized programs including:

  • Biohazardous Waste Disposal
  • Medical Waste Consulting
  • Training & Certification

Specialized Medical Waste Disposal Services


There are stringent regulations governing the collection and disposal of medical waste. Waste Medic has the expertise to help protect you from risk with comprehensive services for transportation and disposal, with no hidden costs and exceptional customer service.

Sharps Waste

We understand that safety, simplicity and reliability are crucial to your organization when it comes to sharps disposal. Waste Medic is committed to delivering safe, responsible and cost-effective waste management for your facility through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.


For most facilities, making sure your pharmaceutical waste is correctly segregated can be a nightmare. The experts at Waste Medic will work with your healthcare organization to establish a comprehensive management program that guarantees efficient compliance.

Trace Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy generates some of the most hazardous waste in the medical industry, so when it comes to medical waste disposal, healthcare providers that manage chemotherapy will find that segregation and transportation is a critical aspect of their healthcare waste management plan.

A Reliable Healthcare Partnership

Our success is built upon strong relationships with our clients. Simply stated… our clients are our number one priority. Headquartered in Nashville, Waste Medic offers our full suite of services to over 2,000 healthcare facilities across Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


Optimize Your Medical Waste Management with Waste Medic

Effective medical waste management is essential for healthcare facilities to maintain safety and compliance. Waste Medic specializes in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your medical waste management needs. Here’s why Waste Medic should be your top choice for professional medical…

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