Founded in 2014, Waste Medic has quickly grown as a trusted provider of the treatment, disposal of medical waste transportation in Nashville, Tennessee, in accordance with modern state and federal regulations. Our team has a deep understanding of and respect for our growing healthcare industry in Nashville and surrounding areas, as well as our dedicated professionals who operate its critical functions. We are acutely aware that these professions need reliable, responsive, and cost-effective service providers who can adapt and grow with the constant transformation and challenges within the healthcare industry.

Medical Waste Transportation in Tennessee

At Waste Medic, we manage our own fleet of trucks and drivers for medical waste transportation while carefully selecting service patterns who share similar capabilities and values as our own. Our team guarantees compliant, reliable services at a frequency that suits your needs. Our experts are proud to offer fair and transparent pricing and unparalleled client support, while being mindful of the impact waste streams have on the environment and people.

The amount of medical waste generated varies from organization to organization, but a regular plan for disposal is critical. Our expertise and rapid response to both consistent and emergency needs ensures the safety of staff, patients, the public, and the environment, leaving organizations able to focus on business operations. We specialize in Biohazardous Waste & Sharps Containers, Pharmaceutical Waste, Trace Chemotherapy Waste, RWM Consulting and Training Programs.

Headquartered in Nashville, Waste Medic offers our full suite of services in Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, and North Georgia, as well as consulting services throughout the United States. We serve over 2,400 unique locations across the mid-south including physician offices, surgery centers, dental and veterinary clinics, pharma and biotech facilities, hospitals and health systems, health clinics and urgent care, as well as assisted living centers and nursing homes.

We understand the complex federal, state, and local guidelines. Count on the team at Waste Medic to manage your waste stream efficiently, effectively, and safely.

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