Waste Medic is a medical waste management company, headquartered in the heart of Nashville, TN. Since opening our doors in 2014 we have grown to service the demands of nearly 3,000 diverse healthcare facilities across the Mid-South. Waste Medic clients receive dedicated and friendly attention from our talented team of field specialists who operate our private fleet of trucks.

Our Solutions for Medical Waste Disposal

Our medical waste disposal solutions will help your organization safely and properly manage hazardous materials. Medical waste treatment can take place at our facilities or at audited and approved third-party partner facilities. First, we conduct an initial medical waste review and breakdown analysis to help your company reduce waste and minimize your costs. Once your unique needs are determined, our partners train your staff on waste stream segregation, procedures, and safety.

Our solutions for medical waste disposal include customized plans for biohazardous waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, and trace chemotherapy waste.

Waste Medic understands the importance of medical waste removal and the important compliance regulations there are placed on the process. We understand the medical waste needs of your business and can offer medical waste consulting including organizational assessments and planning, cost reduction management, and contract negotiation or termination.

For healthcare offices, urgent care clinics, dental offices, nursing home and many other medical businesses and organizations, Waste Medic offers training and certification services for bloodborne pathogens, sharps safety, OSHA, HIPAA, and DoT Regulated Medical Waste (RMW).

Additional solutions include digital invoice and manifest archive, cloud-based file storage and organization, and personalized ICD databases. We offer customizable safety plan creation and storage, as well as tailored MSDS/SDS creation and tracking. Waste Medic understands your needs when it comes to CFR access and planning and can with you on OSHA audit and corrective actions.

Why Choose Waste Medic

Our personalized approach to medical waste disposal and compliance needs enables us to provide our clients with exceptional service at very competitive rates. Waste Medic takes pride in designing customized service packages, ensuring compliance and confident waste stream management at an affordable cost.

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